Palais Montgelas

About—Parmenides Foundation


Parmenides Foundation, located in Pullach / Munich, Germany, is dedicated to fostering multi-disciplinary research on thinking at the interface of the natural sciences and humanities.


It was established in 2001 in close cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) as a non-profit organization. Parmenides Foundation is the first institution to bring together a broad variety of disciplines studying thinking. It consequently brought complex thinking back onto the research agenda. Today the international Parmenides faculty consists of around 40 renowned scientists, who represent the broad range of disciplines required in scientific research on human cognition and thinking. Since its establishment the Parmenides Foundation has been organizing an ongoing series of workshops, talks and conferences on the topic of human thinking with the objective of going beyond disciplinary boundaries and breaking new ground. It is partially self-financed through license fees for self-developed software and proves that basic research can be applied successfully in multiple areas.

By applying the findings from basic research in education, business and international governance institutions the Parmenides Foundation is dedicated at supporting and facilitating advanced thinking skills, well-structured and informed decision making processes and improved problem solving. The threefold focus of the Parmenides Foundation is represented in its 3 pillars: research, education, application.

The Parmenides Foundation is the right address for
(a) scientist from natural sciences and humanities looking for an inspiring research environment,
(b) partners, who want to join the research and dissemination efforts,
(c) educational institutions, parents, students, post-docs, executives from the private and public sector who want to participate in Parmenides programs, as well as
(d) contributors who want to support the foundation and it’s applications.

The foundation has been named after the Presocratic philosopher Parmenides, who lived and taught in Elea, Lower Italy in the 5th century BC. Parmenides was the first philosopher who systematically studied the relation between thinking and reality, and the power of logical thought.