About Parmenides Foundation  Charter


Article 1:
Name, Legal Structure, Domicile, Fiscal Year
The name of the foundation is “Parmenides Stiftung”.
(2) It is a public foundation under civil law with legal capacity.
(3) The domicile of the foundation is in Munich.


Article 2:
Purpose of the Foundation
The purpose of the foundation shall be the promotion of science and teaching concerning the subject of thinking.

(2) The purpose of the foundation shall be realized, in particular, by
a. doing and promoting research and teaching, especially by combining insights from neuroscience and philosophy, neuroinformatics and cognitive psychology as well as linguistics and evolutionary anthropology;
b. creating an international, interdisciplinary platform for exploring the process of thinking through application-oriented basic research;
c. working out a multi-layer theory of thinking;
d. connecting research and highly focused teaching activities, e.g., through developing and setting up a new postgraduate university curriculum (Master Cogitationis Artium, Diploma Cogitationis Artium), conducting interdisciplinary workshops;
e. cooperating with domestic and foreign universities and scientifico-cultural centers as well as founding, running and financially supporting research and laboratory centers as far as the funds of the foundation permit;
f. providing scientific teaching and educating activities;
g. organizing public conferences, round tables, conventions and meetings;
h. publishing and disseminating research results with respect to the aforementioned fields;
i. promoting and supporting the activities described under (2) a. – h., even if these are performed by the Fondazione Parmenide;
j. conducting further measures in accordance with the purpose of the foundation, e.g., developing educational toys and learning aids for children and teenagers based on the scientific insights drawn from the activities described under (2) a. – c.

(3) The foundation may as well provide funds or non-cash contributions to other tax-privileged corporate bodies, institutions and foundations or to an appropriate public authority, if these entities promote measures in accordance with clause (2). As long as the projects relate to the tasks mentioned, they may also be promoted abroad.
If the foundation acts as a promoter, it shall use or transmit funds only for the scientific purposes of other corporate bodies.

(4) Doing so, the foundation shall exclusively and directly pursue non-profit purposes in accordance with the section on tax-privileged purposes (“Steuerbegünstigte Zweck”) of the German General Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung).

(5) If not stipulated in these statutes, the curatorship shall decide in detail on how the purpose of the foundation is to be realized.