Parmenides Foundation—Education


Parmenides Education engages in designing science-based educational programs. The scope ranges from evidence based kindergarten training program that fosters cognitive abilities in pre-school children, over customized courses for post-doctoral students heading for careers in academia or industry, to cognitive excellence programs for excutives from economy and politics. In contrast to traditional school and university curricula thinking skills are not viewed as mere by-products of studying but as a subject in its own right.


Current Projects

  • Early childhood education program: Learning to Think. The Learning to Think project explores how thinking skills develop in children and aims to transfer empirical results into an evidence based kindergarten training program.
  • Training program for executives: Cognitive Excellence Program (CEP). Executive program focusing on studying and applying the skills of authentic thinking to strategy and decision making processes. Resulting in fast, structured, precise thinking.
  • Training programs for executives > Parmenides Academy