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Parmenides Academy is an internationally operating training provider based in Munich, which offers programs that support and enhance strategic thinking.


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Featured courses

The Cognitive Excellence Program (CEP)

Best practice strategic planning for the 21st century
with BASF´s former Director of Strategic Planning Dr Heinzelbecker


Our training modules are structured around the three "T"s of thinking.

T1. Theory of strategic thinking
Understanding how one thinks, when being confronted with complexity will give an insight into the assumptions that are unconsciously held, as well as into the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our thinking capabilities.

T2. Tools and techniques for supporting and improving strategic thinking
This cluster offers techniques to support and enrich our strategic thinking capabilities with the objective to improve the quality of our strategic decision making and problem solving.

T3. Tactical applications of strategic thinking: from insight to impact
These modules are practical in nature and focus on areas where strategic thinking is used.

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Parmenides Academy has been set up in cooperation with Parmenides Foundation, a European research organization that is dedicated to fostering multi-disciplinary research in complex thinking. The foundation runs the Center for the Study of Thinking, which was set up with the Human Science Center of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.



Parmenides Academy’s programs are aimed at executives in large international companies and leading public sector entities. The modules can be delivered in English and German and are tailored to suit your organization’s needs.