Parmenides Academy  3 Ts of thinking


Our training modules are structured around the 3T’s of  thinking.

T1. Theory of strategic thinking
Why did thinking emerge? How does thinking work? What is strategic thinking? Understanding how one thinks, when being confronted with complexity, novelty and uncertainty will give an insight into the assumptions that are unconsciously held, as well as into the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our thinking capabilities. Example training modules are insight problem solving, creativity and an introduction to thinking.

T2. Tools and techniques for supporting and improving strategic thinking
Operating in today’s business environment requires being able to deal with novelty, ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty: in other words it requires genuine and original strategic thinking. This cluster offers techniques to support and enrich our strategic thinking capabilities with the objective to improve the quality of our strategic decision making and problem solving. These proprietary tools and techniques have been developed by the Parmenides Foundation and are unique. Example modules are thought-patterns of cross disciplinary relevance and visual reasoning.

T3. Tactical applications of strategic thinking: from insight to impact
These modules are practical in nature and focus on areas where strategic thinking is used. Theoretical background (T1) and tools (T2) are embedded in these modules, in which the main emphasis is on practical business applications. Example modules include strategic planning, neuromarketing, leadership, risk and governance.