Parmenides Academy  In-house tailored training


The in-house course design and delivery process incorporates some or all of the following steps:


Training needs analysis
The training needs will be assessed in partnership with the responsible line managers and learning and development executives.

A tailored bespoke programme or programmes will be proposed followed by a discussion between the course director and the client.

The agenda will be fine-tuned, possible client specific case studies will be incorporated, a detailed costing will be provided including a suggestion of dates for the training to be delivered.

Pre-course questionnaire
Attendees are requested to fill out a pre-course questionnaire to assess levels of knowledge and individual learning objectives. In certain cases pre-course reading materials will be provided in preparation of the course.

Course facilitation
Courses can take place at the training facilities of the client or Parmenides Academy can provide professional training venues, on-site secretarial support and  IT/ audio visual equipment, as part of the offer.

Post-course feedback
Course attendees’ individual feedback is requested on completion of the course, which will be summarized and used as input for a conversation with the client to assess the result of the project.

Change at work evaluation
Three months after completion of the course, a survey will be sent to the attendees to measure how well training efforts have contributed to change at work.