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Teaching style

Enriching or improving strategic thinking involves changing the way one thinks. Even when we are aware of the way we think – which is often not the case - changing to a new thinking style requires learning, effort and practice. It is for this reason that a typical Parmenides course consists for 50% of interactive presentations and for 50% of practice sessions.

As we deal with strategic thinking, the models and techniques that are taught have a certain level of complexity themselves. These are taught by expert scientists whereas the practice sessions will be supported by experienced facilitators.



A selection of faculty members that have been involved with the design and delivery of Parmenides Academy's course portfolio

Prof. Dr. Albrecht von Müller

Prof. Dr. Ernst Pöppel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Filk

Prof. Dr. Eörs Szathmáry

Dr. Michael Öllinger  

Dr. Kai Fehse

Dr. Klaus Heinzelbecker