THE CEP - Cognitive Excellence Program  Components of the Curriculum


The Key to Coping with Complexity and Unprecedented Challenges

  • Introduction to the theory of complex thinking and its neurobiological underpinnings (25%)
  • Introduction and practical application of a visual reasoning methodology that supports the human brain in dealing with high-level of complexity and represents knowledge in an interactively re-thinkable format (25%)
  • Study of 24 powerful thought patterns and hands-on exercises in applying those (50%)
  • The thought patterns have been identified and prepared in an international, five years research program initiated by the Parmenides Foundation
  • The CEP covers 24 thought patterns:
    - 6 from physics, mathematics, theory of complex systems
    - 6 from evolutionary and developmental biology
    - 6 from cognitive and neurosciences
    - 6 from philosophy and the study of complex thinking


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