Dr. Elias Zafiris


Elias Zafiris holds an M.Sc. (Distinction) in “Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces”, and a Ph.D. in “Theoretical and Mathematical Physics”, both from Imperial College at the University of London. He has published research papers on a wide spectrum of topics in the interface of the conceptual and mathematical foundations of physics, ranging from the category-theoretic treatment of perennial problems in quantum mechanics and complex systems theories, to the applications of modern differential geometry and topology in general relativity and quantum gravity. He is also the author of three books on these subjects. His research at the Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking focusses on the conceptual underpinnings and the mathematical modelling of constellatory unfolding and self-referentiality in shaping a consistent categorial framework of time and reality for interrelating quantum physics with general relativity according to novel algebraic and topological linking patterns.


Selected Publications

A. von Müller and E. Zafiris, “Concept and Formalization of Constellatory Self-Unfolding: A Novel Perspective on the Relation between Quantum and Relativistic Physics”, Series on Thinking, Springer 2018.

A. Mallios and E. Zafiris, “Differential Sheaves and Connections: A Natural Approach to Physical Geometry”, Series on Concrete and Applicable Mathematics, World Scientific 2015.

M. Epperson and E. Zafiris, “Foundations of Relational Realism: A Topological Approach to Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Nature”, Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield, New York 2013.

E. Zafiris, “What is the Validity Domain of Einstein’s Equations? Distributional Solutions over Singularities and Topological Links in Geometrodynamics”, in “100 Years of Chronogeometrodynamics: The Status of the Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation in its Centennial Year”, (2018) Mdpi AG Basel, pp.290-309.

E. Zafiris, “Loops, Projective Invariants and the Realization of the Borromean Topological Link in Quantum Mechanics”, (2016) Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations, 3 (4), pp. 337-359.

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E. Zafiris, “Irreducible Decomposition of Einstein's Equations in Spacetimes with Symmetries”, (1998) Annals of Physics, 263 (2), pp. 155-178.