Prof. Dr. Imre Kondor

Imre Kondor is a retired professor of physics, honorary professor of finance at Corvinus University, Budapest, Core Team member at the Parmenides Foundation, Pullach/Munich and External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, and the London Mathematical Laboratory. Before retiring, he was a professor of physics from 1989 to 2011 at Eötvös University, Budapest; from 1998 to 2002 Head of Market Risk Research at Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest, from 2002 to 2010 permanent fellow, 2002 to 2008 rector of Collegium Budapest – Institute of Advanced Study.

He obtained his MSc from Eötvös University in 1966, the CSc in 1984 and DSc in 1988 from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research experience includes the theory of condensed Bose systems, critical phenomena, disordered systems and spin glasses, and, presently, the application of statistical physics methods to problems in economics and finance.


Selected Publications

P. Szépfalusy and I. Kondor: On the dynamics of continuous phase transitions, Ann. of Phys. 82, 1 (1974)

C. De Dominicis and I. Kondor: Eigenvalues of the stability matrix for Parisi solution of the long range spin glass, Phys. Rev. B27, 606 (1983)

I. Kondor: On chaos in spin glasses, J. Phys. A22, L163 (1989)

Sz. Pafka and I. Kondor: Noisy covariance matrices and portfolio optimization II., Physica A319C, 487-494 (2003)

I. Kondor, Sz. Pafka, G. Nagy: Noise sensitivity of portfolio selection under various risk measures, Journal of Banking and Finance, 31, 1545-1573 (2007).

F. Caccioli, I. Kondor, M. Marsili and S. Still: Liquidity risk and instabilities in portfolio optimization, International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, 19/5, pp.1650035 (2016).

I. Kondor, G. Papp and F. Caccioli: Analytic solution to variance optimization with no short positions, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, (2017) 123402