Image by  Susan Yin

Image by Susan Yin

Parmenides Academy

The Parmenides Academy is an internationally operating training provider based in Munich. We offer programs that support and enhance strategic thinking.

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Featured courses

Our training modules are structured around the three Ts of thinking.


T1. Theory of strategic thinking

Understanding how we think – particularly when confronted with complexity – gives us insight into assumptions that are unconsciously held as well as into the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our thinking capabilities.

T2. Tools and techniques to support and improve strategic thinking

This cluster offers techniques to support and enrich our strategic thinking capabilities with the objective to improve the quality of our strategic problem-solving and decision-making.

T3. Tactical applications of strategic thinking: from insight to impact

These modules are practical in nature and focus on applied areas where strategic thinking is highly useful.



The Parmenides Academy was set up in close cooperation with the Parmenides Foundation. The Academy’s programs draw on the Foundation’s multi-disciplinary research on complex thinking.


Our programs are targeted at executives of national and international companies as well as of leading public sector entities. The modules can be delivered in English and German and will be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.