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Diagnose: Visionslosigkeit von Albrecht von Müller

+++ NEWS: "Diagnose: Visionslosigkeit", ein Beitrag von Albrecht von Müller in CIVIS 01-2018. +++

Unser politisches Modell wankt. Es versäumt, der Bevölkerung eine Perspektive für ein komplexes und dynamisches 21. Jahrhundert zu präsentieren. Zur Rolle belastbarer Visionen in einem erneuerten Modell politischen Handelns und wie wir so historische Umbruchphasen bewältigen können.

Weitergehend findet sich als ein konkretes Beispiel für eine politische Vision, die gemäß den im Artikel skizzierten Überlegungen erarbeitet wurde, ein Vorschlag zur Weiterentwicklung Europas hier.


Book Series: "On Thinking" published by Springer

"The forgotten present. Re-thinking time at the interface of physics and philosophy", Vol.4 of our Springer book series, is out now. To order please follow the link.

The Parmenides Book Series “On Thinking” was launched in 2009 with a first volume on Neural Correlates of Thinking. The second volume Towards a Theory of Thinking was published in March 2010. The third volume Culture and Neural Frames of Cognition and Communication was released in January 2011.

Series editors are Prof. Dr. Ernst Pöppel and Prof. Dr. Albrecht von Müller, directors of the Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking and the Parmenides Center for Art and Science. Each of the series' volumes is edited by different volume editors.
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Recent papers by researchers at Parmenides


Recent books by people at Parmenides

We are proud to announce the latest publication, an anthology published by Harold de Vladar, member of the core research team at Parmenides, and Roberto Cipriani:
Modelos y Simulaciones Biológicas: Ecología y Evolución

This book presents a dozen of original chapters on theoretical biology, prepared by Venezuelan researchers who use formal methods to understand Ecology and Evolution. Each chapter is an original contribution product of one or several researchers who were invited to participate in this project.

The book is written in Spanish and targets a professional audience as well as advanced students from the Spanish-speaking community of the American and European continents. All chapters have been peer reviewed by at least two international professionals.

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We would also like to announce the latest publication by Eörs Szathmáry - member of the Parmenides Faculty and of the core research team:
Biological Foundations and Origin of Syntax
(edited together with Derek Bickerton), MIT Press.

The book presents interdisciplinary perspectives on the evolutionary and biological roots of syntax, describing current research on syntax in fields ranging from linguistics to neurology.

"This book continues the debate between those who see the core rules of syntax as the result of biological evolution and those who stress cultural evolution atop more general brain functions. To this reader, the chapters enriched by consideration of brain and computation swing the weight of evidence to the latter camp."
Michael Arbib, Professor of Computer Science and Neuroscience, University of Southern California
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