Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking  Organization


Organization of work

The work of the Parmenides Centers is organized in three closely interrelated layers.

The first layer is constituted by an international faculty in which the main fields that contribute to the understanding of human thinking are represented by around 40 distinguished colleagues from the various disciplines.

The second layer is a sabbatical and guest program. The purpose of this second layer is to enable an intensive exchange and a protracted cooperation between researchers from different scientific backgrounds. A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere supports the openness and creativity needed for overcoming disciplinary boundaries and jointly breaking new ground.

The third layer is a group of permanent research associates - based at the Parmenides Center in Munich - who work on the mid- and long-term, in-house research programs. A close collaboration between this "core team" and the other two layers as well as regular seminars, workshops and conferences support scientific work and interdisciplinary networking at the Parmenides Centers.