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Evolutionary Microfluidix  e-Flux


e-Flux is a visionary project that brings evolvability concepts to ­Information Technology, providing ­radically new knowledge, and ­theoretical foundation to widen IT ­impact on our society and quality of life.


This project rests on the realization that forefront theore­tical research, coupled to cutting-edge techno­logies, can produce the necessary knowledge and know-how to ­understand how complex system evolve. In particular, how evolvability in natural system can be used for ­engineering purposes.

Thanks to the realization of complex microfluidic ­systems, the team will study an unprecedented number of small cellular populations from which it will be possible to ­develop an evolvable machine to enable the monitoring of a evolutionary pathway for long periods of time.

Understanding evolvability could bring a step forward ­towards the comprehension of the fluid automata, with ­impact on drug discovery and biotechnology. ­Techno­logical and theoretical sources amalgamate into a ­bottom-up ­research project.

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