Learning to Think  Multidimensional Training  for Kindergarten Children


Together with Professor Karl Klauer one of the leading experts in the field of fostering children’s thinking skills we develop a comprehensible and proper training program. The program is composed of complementary modules that train particular thinking abilities. We identified and plan to foster the following crucial thinking abilities:

  • Generating Hypotheses
  • Detecting Inconsistencies
  • Understanding Causal Relationships
  • Inferring implicit pre-conditions
  • Perspective Taking
  • Understanding Metaphors
  • Pattern Recognition

For each domain we design various child-oriented situations. We test the stimuli in kindergartens and for the validation and evaluation we apply standardized psychometric tests.

The goal is to identify a set of situations that systematically foster children’s thinking skills. The stimuli material will be compiled in a computer program that is easy to use and to distribute.